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In Science we have been learning about forces and motion. Today we learnt about upthrust. We thought about a viking longboat and the different forces that would be taking place as it sailed through the sea.

What forces can you think of?

Creating 3D effects

In Art we have been creating 3D effects with viking brooches by using card, string and foil. We had to think carefully about how we would like our pattern to be and we then decorated our brooches with gems and sequins.

What have you been creating in Art that is linked to your Topic?

Viking brooches


Last week, we made viking brooches using salt dough. We researched what they would have looked like and then made ours using similar designs. Today we were able to paint them using metallic acrylic paint to make them look even better!

What exciting things have you been learning about this week?

Making Viking Instruments

IMG_3541 IMG_3545

This afternoon we were making different instruments using materials such as string, elastic, plastic, rice and pasta shells to create different sounds. We then had tot think about how our instrument made its sound, the pitch, tone and volume.

What materials would you use to make an instrument?

Designing Viking Shields


In Art, we are making our own viking shields. This is linked to our Topic and Literacy work. We started designing our shields this afternoon, looking at patterns and colours the Vikings would have used themselves. We are very excited to start making them next week!

What materials would you use on your viking shield?

Role play

We have been looking at Viking myths during literacy. We have been role playing different myths in small groups. What have you been learning in literacy?

Viking Shields

This week we have been learning about Viking shields. They used them in battle to both attack and defend. We designed and painted our own shields.