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Creating 3D effects

In Art we have been creating 3D effects with viking brooches by using card, string and foil. We had to think carefully about how we would like our pattern to be and we then decorated our brooches with gems and sequins.

What have you been creating in Art that is linked to your Topic?

Designing Viking Shields


In Art, we are making our own viking shields. This is linked to our Topic and Literacy work. We started designing our shields this afternoon, looking at patterns and colours the Vikings would have used themselves. We are very excited to start making them next week!

What materials would you use on your viking shield?

Making stone age flat bread

img_3277 img_3279 img_3284

Class 6 made stone age flat bread using water and a mix of ingredients such as oat flakes, wheat flour, rye flour and seeds. We had to roll the mixture into a ball and then press it flat.

What have you been cooking?

Planting mustard seeds

img_2991 img_2992 img_3000

This afternoon, we planted mustard seeds in trays. We did this to make ‘grass’ for when we build our own mini stonehenges ready for our Stone Age animations.

What have your class been planting?

Investigating stone age materials

img_2883 img_2890img_2896

This afternoon Class 6 have been exploring the woods looking for materials they can use to build a Stone Age shelter.

What is your topic this term?

Stewed pears

img_2844 img_2858

This afternoon we made stewed pears! This is something that they would have eaten during the stone age. We had to peel the pears, chop them up and then add water. It was very tasty!

What cooking have you been doing?


Tectonic Plates


This afternoon class 6 have been learning all about tectonic plates, these cause earthquakes by moving and colliding in the earths crust.

What have you learnt this afternoon?

Replicating Stone Age Art

img_0896 img_0897ti

This afternoon we used all of our research to replicate Stone Age art. We used pastels and charcoal to make them effective.

What is your topic this term?


Egyptian music

In music we made our own Egyptian music using garageband. We had to think carefully about the sounds that we put into it.

IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0654


Making our own cartouche.

IMG_0581 IMG_0578 IMG_0574 IMG_0579

Today in Art we were making our own Egyptian name plates. This is also called a cartouche. We used sand dough to make a flat stone and then carved our names and a message in hieroglyphics. It was lots of fun!