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Turning report into a poster

Class 6 mastered writing non-chronological reports. Today, we turn our reports into informative posters. We used paragraphs and diagrams to provide informations about different periods of our history. We decided on the audience of our posters and chose appropriate presentation. … Continue reading

Making stone age flat bread

img_3277 img_3279 img_3284

Class 6 made stone age flat bread using water and a mix of ingredients such as oat flakes, wheat flour, rye flour and seeds. We had to roll the mixture into a ball and then press it flat.

What have you been cooking?

Investigating stone age materials

img_2883 img_2890img_2896

This afternoon Class 6 have been exploring the woods looking for materials they can use to build a Stone Age shelter.

What is your topic this term?

Stonehenge gallery

Here are our finished Stonehenge paintings. Which ones do you like and why?


Stonehenge artwork




Stonehenge in Wiltshire is the famous prehistoric monument in Britain.
Today we have painted a picture of the Stone Age monument stone henge and we know that when the sun came in the middle of the circle the Stone Age people used to pray in it. We used water paints to make our Stonehenge picture.

What do you know about the Stone Age?
Callum and Nathan


Amazing axe

I made a stone axe at home. First we cut the middle of the branch with a sharp blade in the middle. We stripped the bark off to make it comfortable to hold. Then I slid it In and put some string around it. We painted the string green because it makes it look camouflage. I think Stone Age people would use the axe to kill animals for food and to chop trees to make a shelter or fire. I also made a scrapbook about the Stone Age.
By Aiden


Stone Age weapons

This afternoon we have been back in time to the stone henge to make tools and weapons. Can you describe what we did to make our Stone Age weapons?






This afternoon class 6 learned about Stonehenge. We went outside and worked in teams to try and arrange stones into a perfect circle. Can you explain how we made sure our circle was accurate?
Do you know any facts about Stonehenge?

Making cave paintings

We have been busy making some art inspired by cave paintings. We had great fun, starting off by researching some real cave paintings on the iPads.

Did you know that stone age people used to decorate their caves with paintings? Do you know what they used to paint pictures of and what they used for paint?