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This afternoon we have been learning how to play hockey. We played in teams and worked together to try and score!

What was your team score? Can you remember any of the rules of hockey?


We have a new Sports Leader!

Today, in assembly, Class 6 were very happy to find out that we had our second leader in our class! Well done to Jessica who worked very hard and is now a Sports Leader! Remember, not only do you need to fit the criteria, but you must also have outstanding behaviour and attendance too!

What stripe are you working towards for your Leader badge?

Basketball Matches

In P.E today we were reinforcing our learning about passing, dribbling and shooting. We also had to work as a team to move the ball across the pitch to be able to shoot and, hopefully, score!

What rules do you know in basketball?

On your marks…

Today the whole school took part in Sports Day. We all had fun racing in the different events. It was great to hear our parents and peers cheering us on. How did you do?


Sports day practise

Today class 6 went outside with classes 7 and 8 to practise for sports day. We had a go at all the races. Sprinting is by far our class’ favourite. What’s your favourite race?

IMG_4105Here’s Charlie and Alfie racing against Isaiah from class 8.