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Viking brooches


Last week, we made viking brooches using salt dough. We researched what they would have looked like and then made ours using similar designs. Today we were able to paint them using metallic acrylic paint to make them look even better!

What exciting things have you been learning about this week?

El Dorado

We have painted what we think El Dorado (the Lost City of Gold) would like. How do think it might look?


Viking Shields

This week we have been learning about Viking shields. They used them in battle to both attack and defend. We designed and painted our own shields.



Stonehenge gallery

Here are our finished Stonehenge paintings. Which ones do you like and why?


English Songbirds

This gallery contains 11 photos.

We have been learning the 10 most common songbirds in England. We have listened to the different birdsongs and painted these pictures. Which songbirds do you recognise? What are the 5 most popular songbirds in the UK?

Making cave paintings

We have been busy making some art inspired by cave paintings. We had great fun, starting off by researching some real cave paintings on the iPads.

Did you know that stone age people used to decorate their caves with paintings? Do you know what they used to paint pictures of and what they used for paint?