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Shooting in Hockey

This afternoon, in hockey, we have been learning how to shoot accurately. We firstly had to shoot into the goal, then it became harder when we were only allowed to shoot into the corners!

What sport are you learning?



This half term the sport we are learning in P.E. is hockey! This afternoon we were learning how to hold the stick correctly and how to move with the ball.

What sport are you learning this half term?



This afternoon, we played basketball inside. We used all our knowledge about dribbling the ball and passing to try and beat the other team. One thing we need to remember is to not double dribble!

What skills have you learnt in basketball this week?


Dribbling the ball

IMG_3509 IMG_3517

In P.E. we are learning about invasion games. Today we were practising our basketball techniques. We started by dribbling the ball. We needed to make sure we kept our eye on the ball so that we didn’t lose control. Next, we played a game where we had to try and bounce the ball past the person in the middle. They had to try and work out which direction the ball was going to go.

What are you learning in P.E. this week?

Invasion games

img_3487 img_3488

This afternoon, in P.E, we have been looking at different ways to make a ball travel. We threw underarm, bounced and rolled the ball to get it to our partner. We looked at different types of ball and why some balls bounce better than others. We used our hands, either in a W or a cup to catch the ball.

What did you learn in P.E. this week?

Tag Rugby

img_2865 img_2869

In P.E, with the coach, we have been learning how to play tag rugby. We really enjoyed playing the number game where you take the matching number’s tag.

What have you been learning in rugby?


Dribbling the ball


In P.E we are learning how to play football. Yesterday afternoon we focused on dribbling the ball. We watched a short clip to show us techniques before we went outside.

Do you know how to dribble a football?