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Researching about the sun

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This afternoon, Class 6 have been using the MacBooks to research about the sun and answer questions. We learned lots of new facts and shared ideas.

What is your new learning in science this week?


Typing up our stories


In Literacy we typed up our Egyptian stories using MacBooks. We had to think of ways we could improve them and make sure it included our new learning about speech and adjectives!

What have you been learning about in Literacy?


Keynotes and eBooks


Lola and Chloe have been busy this afternoon making a keynote and eBook on food chains!

Look out for their keynote on the website soon!

What have you been making keynotes or eBooks about?


Egyptian music

In music we made our own Egyptian music using garageband. We had to think carefully about the sounds that we put into it.

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Non-chronological reports

We have been learning all about non-chronological reports. In literacy we have written our own reports of subjects such as our favourite author and the school plant sales. What have you been learning in literacy?


Sir Walter Raleigh

Today we have been researching the life and times of Sir Walter Raleigh. We have created a timeline of his life as well as keynotes about him. Did you know he went to the Amazon Rainforest to search for El Dorado (the Lost City of Gold). Do you think he found it?

Sizing up the greenhouse

Today we went to take various measurements in our greenhouse. All the windows and the ceiling are now in place and we are eagerly waiting to see the next development. We recorded our measurements in a table and then created charts to represent the difference between our estimates and the actual measurements.


Class keynotes

Each week we produce a class keynote about our learning. We create these on the MacBooks and iPads. You can view them on our class page on the school website.IMG_3695


Dear Prime Minister…

Here at Wombridge Primary School we believe in healthy eating and fresh ingredients. As you can see from our blog and website all classes have been growing their own fruits and vegetables. In class 6 we have decided that all school children should share in this experience. As part of our literacy persuasive writing work we have written letters to David Cameron (the Prime Minister) to ask him to help get all schools cooking healthy meals using fresh ingredients.