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Spelling stars

What a great morning at Wombridge Primary! Spelling stars competition was a success. The winner, Tyler D, proudly collected the winner’s cup. Well done to everyone who took part in the competition.

Do you know spelling strategies?



Turning report into a poster

Class 6 mastered writing non-chronological reports. Today, we turn our reports into informative posters. We used paragraphs and diagrams to provide informations about different periods of our history. We decided on the audience of our posters and chose appropriate presentation. … Continue reading


In R.E, we have been learning about being thankful. Earlier in the week, we went up to the woodlands to look at nature and take photos for inspiration. This afternoon, we used an app on the iPads to put our poems that we had written over the top of a picture of flower of our choice.

What are you thankful for?

BBC Live Lesson

IMG_3499 IMG_3502

Today in Literacy, we took part in the 500 word BBC Live Lesson. They talked about what makes a good story and shared ideas for characters and settings. The chosen dialogue that we needed to include was “I can see you.” which we all had lots of fun trying to fit into our own stories later on!

Did you take part in the BBC Live Lesson?

The Relocated Library opening!

Last year, Years 3 and 4 wrote letters to Mr Satoor to ask for the libraries to be relocated in order to make room for an additional classroom. This afternoon, the library re-opened in its new place in the school! It was very exciting and we can’t wait to go back inside!

What book are you looking forward to reading in the relocated library?

img_3152 img_3163


Typing up our stories


In Literacy we typed up our Egyptian stories using MacBooks. We had to think of ways we could improve them and make sure it included our new learning about speech and adjectives!

What have you been learning about in Literacy?


Literacy in the sun


We have been busy learning at the farm today and wrote some descriptive sentences about the Wrekin and a beautiful oak tree. We were really lucky to have such lovely weather. Can you write a descriptive sentence about the Wrekin?


100WC wk 5

This week’s prompt is:

…As I looked around …

You must include it, as it is written above. You have 104 words altogether. Try to include your new learning and make it your best descriptive writing.

100 Word Challenge Wk 2

The first 100 word challenge of the year! Remember to post your entry as a comment below. You must include the words exactly as they are written below:

… but it is yellow…


Use all of your new learning, remember your sentence types and punctuation.