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Making scrambled egg!

IMG_0856 IMG_0861

IMG_0869 IMG_0879

Today we have been cooking scrambled eggs! We talked about all the goodness you can get from eggs before we started cooking. We learned that eggs are a good source of protein! We had to crack the egg and make sure no shell got into our bowls. Next, we whisked up the egg and added in extra ingredients (cottage cheese, peppers, ham, sweetcorn, peas, carrots and parmesan). We had to mix it all together and cook in the microwave. It was really tasty!

What have you been cooking this week?


Operation Christmas Child!

We have all ready collected a lot of boxes ready for Operation Christmas Child. A lot of children in our class have already brought in boxes. Thomas, Luke, Zhanae,  Maddie, Jessica Stevens, Olivia, Alana and Chloe have already brought boxes in!




These are all the boxes the whole School have collected so far!

Have you brought a box in? Are you going to?


Leading the way to life!

This afternoon we have been making keynotes on lead and how we are leaders in this school. Alia said “Lead means when you help people and stand up for people” and Antonio said it’s about “keeping people happy”.

IMG_0686IMG_0693 (1)

How are you a leader? What does it mean to you?


Egyptian music

In music we made our own Egyptian music using garageband. We had to think carefully about the sounds that we put into it.

IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0654