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In R.E, we have been learning about being thankful. Earlier in the week, we went up to the woodlands to look at nature and take photos for inspiration. This afternoon, we used an app on the iPads to put our poems that we had written over the top of a picture of flower of our choice.

What are you thankful for?

Being Thankful

In R.E. we have been learning about being thankful. We went up to the woodlands to get some images, we then used these as inspiration to write a poem or prayer about why we are thankful for nature.

What have you been learning in R.E.?


Writing our poppies and researching our heroes!


This afternoon we cut out our poppies and wrote a message to the soldiers that fought for us in the war.


After that, we researched some facts about the heroes that are shown on the website. We found out some interesting facts. For example, did  you know that Winston Churchill was the British prime minister? Or that William John Streets was a soldier and a famous poet?

What facts have you found out?


Keynotes and eBooks


Lola and Chloe have been busy this afternoon making a keynote and eBook on food chains!

Look out for their keynote on the website soon!

What have you been making keynotes or eBooks about?

Non-chronological reports

We have been learning all about non-chronological reports. In literacy we have written our own reports of subjects such as our favourite author and the school plant sales. What have you been learning in literacy?



We have been animating our two hander scripts. To do this we have used animate it and garageband. Have you done any animating recently?


Class keynotes

Each week we produce a class keynote about our learning. We create these on the MacBooks and iPads. You can view them on our class page on the school website.IMG_3695