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In R.E, we have been learning about being thankful. Earlier in the week, we went up to the woodlands to look at nature and take photos for inspiration. This afternoon, we used an app on the iPads to put our poems that we had written over the top of a picture of flower of our choice.

What are you thankful for?

Keeping Safe and Happy Online

This afternoon, following assembly, we carried on our discussion about eSafety. We re-watched the video and thought about the different words in the video and they mean. Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

“Privacy means keeping your details to yourself.” – Adams.

“Happy means when something makes you smile.” – Kyle.

“Happiness can be showing your different positive emotions.” – Emily.

“Safety means keeping yourself protected.” – Georgia.

We also talked about the different messages and what they mean to us, such as:

No way in real life, no way online.

Protecting my privacy, keeping my dignity.

Keep it mine, not online.

What does eSafety mean to you? How are you staying safe online?

Stone Age


In class 6, we went up to the woods to take pictures of things for our keynotes, we took pictures things that the people in the stone age would of used.

Do you know what things were used in the stone age?



Typing up our stories


In Literacy we typed up our Egyptian stories using MacBooks. We had to think of ways we could improve them and make sure it included our new learning about speech and adjectives!

What have you been learning about in Literacy?


Keynotes and eBooks


Lola and Chloe have been busy this afternoon making a keynote and eBook on food chains!

Look out for their keynote on the website soon!

What have you been making keynotes or eBooks about?