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Basketball Matches

In P.E today we were reinforcing our learning about passing, dribbling and shooting. We also had to work as a team to move the ball across the pitch to be able to shoot and, hopefully, score!

What rules do you know in basketball?

Basketball matches

In outdoor P.E this week, we used all of our prior learning about dribbling, throwing and passing to have some matches against each other. We had to try and defend and tackle the ball. We scored some fantastic goals!

What have you been enjoying about basketball?


Ball control

IMG_3572 IMG_3574

In P.E this week we have been practising our ball control ready for our outdoor P.E lesson tomorrow. We had to carefully dribble the ball around the cones making sure we used our hands correctly.

What skills are you learning in P.E. this term?

Defending and Shooting

IMG_3554 IMG_3556

This week, with the crossbar coaches, we were learning how to shoot the ball using overarm and also trying to defend the goal. We really enjoyed taking shots!

What is your favourite part of playing basketball?

Invasion games

IMG_3538 IMG_3539 IMG_3540

In P.E. we are learning about invasion games. We were using our prior learning to move, defend the ball against the other team, to pass and try and get the ball to the opposite side to earn a point.

What have you been learning so far this week?



This afternoon, we played basketball inside. We used all our knowledge about dribbling the ball and passing to try and beat the other team. One thing we need to remember is to not double dribble!

What skills have you learnt in basketball this week?


Invasion games

img_3487 img_3488

This afternoon, in P.E, we have been looking at different ways to make a ball travel. We threw underarm, bounced and rolled the ball to get it to our partner. We looked at different types of ball and why some balls bounce better than others. We used our hands, either in a W or a cup to catch the ball.

What did you learn in P.E. this week?

Football match

img_3355 img_3347

This afternoon, during P.E, we played matches against each other using all of our prior learning about football. We really enjoyed playing and scored some fantastic goals!

What did you do in football this week?



In class 6, In P.E. we were playing corners and duck, duck goose in the hall.

What have you been doing in P.E.?

Passing the ball

This afternoon we have been learning how to pass the ball to each other. We needed to remember which part of the foot to use and how to stop the ball.

What have you been learning in football?

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