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Football match

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This afternoon, during P.E, we played matches against each other using all of our prior learning about football. We really enjoyed playing and scored some fantastic goals!

What did you do in football this week?

Passing the ball

This afternoon we have been learning how to pass the ball to each other. We needed to remember which part of the foot to use and how to stop the ball.

What have you been learning in football?

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Dribbling the ball

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This afternoon Class 6 have been learning how to dribble the ball in football. We had to think about the position of our feet and how to stop the ball when it came towards us.

What have you learned in football this week?


Dribbling the ball


In P.E we are learning how to play football. Yesterday afternoon we focused on dribbling the ball. We watched a short clip to show us techniques before we went outside.

Do you know how to dribble a football?


Dribbing and passing

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In football this afternoon we focused on passing the ball and dribbling. We would dribble a little bit before passing the ball.

Antonio demonstrated dribbling to the whole class. When he was asked how he knew to do it he told us that he had watched football on the television and watched carefully at how the professional players dribble the ball! Isn’t that a good idea?

What new skills have you been learning in P.E?



This week class 6 have been practising close control of the football. What are the 3 most important tips for keeping close control of the ball?


Passing circles


This half term we are learning how to play football. What have you learned about passing the football so far? How do you play passing circles?