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Pancake Day

This afternoon we made pancakes to celebrate Pancake Day! We all made pancake mix and keynotes about how they celebrate pancake day in different countries.

What did you do to celebrate Pancake Day?

Christmas cakes

img_3447 img_3451

This afternoon, class 6 have been busy making christmas cakes out of rice crispies, chocolate and food colouring! We also made cellophane bags to put them in. We are really looking forward to decorating them tomorrow!

What cooking have you done recently?

Making stone age flat bread

img_3277 img_3279 img_3284

Class 6 made stone age flat bread using water and a mix of ingredients such as oat flakes, wheat flour, rye flour and seeds. We had to roll the mixture into a ball and then press it flat.

What have you been cooking?

Stewed pears

img_2844 img_2858

This afternoon we made stewed pears! This is something that they would have eaten during the stone age. We had to peel the pears, chop them up and then add water. It was very tasty!

What cooking have you been doing?



Making scrambled egg!

IMG_0856 IMG_0861

IMG_0869 IMG_0879

Today we have been cooking scrambled eggs! We talked about all the goodness you can get from eggs before we started cooking. We learned that eggs are a good source of protein! We had to crack the egg and make sure no shell got into our bowls. Next, we whisked up the egg and added in extra ingredients (cottage cheese, peppers, ham, sweetcorn, peas, carrots and parmesan). We had to mix it all together and cook in the microwave. It was really tasty!

What have you been cooking this week?

Anyone for ice cream?

Yesterday we made strawberry ice cream and today we got to eat it. It spent the night in the freezer and after some sports day practise we came in and enjoyed some nice refreshing strawberry ice cream. Yum!


Ice cream

Today we picked some of our strawberries that we have been growing and used them in our recipe to make strawberry ice cream. To make our recipe you will need the following:

600ml double cream

200g light condensed milk

800g of strawberries (or as many as you like depending on the strength of flavour required)

Puree the strawberries and mix them in with the cream and condensed then whisk until it thickens. Pour into a freezable container and leave overnight.

What fruit would you use in your ice cream?

IMG_4188 IMG_4187


Our strawberry plants are nearly ready for harvest. Do you have any suggestions for what we can cook with them?



Dear Prime Minister…

Here at Wombridge Primary School we believe in healthy eating and fresh ingredients. As you can see from our blog and website all classes have been growing their own fruits and vegetables. In class 6 we have decided that all school children should share in this experience. As part of our literacy persuasive writing work we have written letters to David Cameron (the Prime Minister) to ask him to help get all schools cooking healthy meals using fresh ingredients.



Mouth-watering Indian summer salad

Today we made our Indian summer salad. The ingredients included chillies, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, red onion, coriander, mint and yoghurt. The yoghurt really helped to balance out the heat from the chillies. We thought it was delicious and refreshing, it would be the perfect salad to serve at a BBQ.