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Dribbing and passing

IMG_1046 IMG_1047

In football this afternoon we focused on passing the ball and dribbling. We would dribble a little bit before passing the ball.

Antonio demonstrated dribbling to the whole class. When he was asked how he knew to do it he told us that he had watched football on the television and watched carefully at how the professional players dribble the ball! Isn’t that a good idea?

What new skills have you been learning in P.E?


Writing our poppies and researching our heroes!


This afternoon we cut out our poppies and wrote a message to the soldiers that fought for us in the war.


After that, we researched some facts about the heroes that are shown on the website. We found out some interesting facts. For example, did  you know that Winston Churchill was the British prime minister? Or that William John Streets was a soldier and a famous poet?

What facts have you found out?


Making our own cartouche.

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Today in Art we were making our own Egyptian name plates. This is also called a cartouche. We used sand dough to make a flat stone and then carved our names and a message in hieroglyphics. It was lots of fun!