The Rainforest music

Today, class 6 has been composing a piece of music based on the Rainforest theme.

We went outside and surrounded by the nature we have composed fantastic representation of all the sounds that you can find in this magnificent place.

Investigating growing conditions.

Can plants grow in a darkness?

We used peas to investigate the best growing conditions.

Our investigation took place in the direct sunlight, shaded area, dark cupboard and in the fridge. The seeds were placed on the same growing ground, at the same time and for the same period of time. After a week, we looked at the results.

Adding stage directions to our scripts

Class 6 has been writing play scripts based on our topic- the Rainforest. Today we have improved the stage directions and acted them out to check if they were easy to follow and understand.


Do you know what stage directions are?


Harvesting potatoes

This gallery contains 1 photos.

Class 6 has been growing 2 different types of potatoes. We finally harvested them and we noticed that different types grow at different speed. Have you ever grow your own potatoes?


Mayan farming

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Maya were very good at constructing and building and they didn’t have all the tools we have now. They built aqueducts to transport water to the farm beds. We had a challenge constructing our aqueducts.

Gardener-you are hired!

In class 6 you have an opportunity to apply for a gardener job. Fill the application form and wait for the call back. Some of you are already employed and helping to look after the plants, water them and ensure that no weeds are stilling nutrients from the soil. What do you want to do in the future?

Investigating plants

We have started a new part of our science learning. class 6 has investigated functions of parts plants. We described functions of roots, stem, leaves and flowers.

Do you know all the functions?

Setting up an investigation

Today, we set up an investigations to see what conditions are the best for the plants growth. We used crystals to plant our seeds so we can see the root system. We placed 1 pot in a fridge, 1 pot in a dark cupboard and another near the window.

What are the best conditions ?

Harvesting our vegetables

We have harvested peas so we can cook our delicious pea and mint soup.

Which recipe is your favourite?

Science debate

Class 6 has had a debate about deforestation. We read The great Kapok Tree book and wrote our supporting statement from a chosen animal perspective. Then, we recorded a green screen stating our arguments against deforestation.