Chair champs, reading and art.

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Class 6 has enjoyed their last day of term. We were busy solving Christmas activities. We made cards and enjoyed reading for pleasure. Maths colouring times tables gave us a chance to practise before Chair champs competition. And not to … Continue reading

Coding-problem solving STEM

Today, we used controlled technology to build a satellite that will monitor the space. We began to talk about how NASA monitors the space and we are looking forward to explode the code.

Do you know how else we could use satellites?

Christmas around the world.

Today, our class looked at how Christmas is celebrated in other countries. First we have learnt about Swedish tradition and sang Santa Lucia song then we designed a bubble inspired by Russian ‘Babuszka’.

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Costume rehearsal

Today, we have tried on our costumes to get into the characters we are playing in school’s performance. We had a classroom full of dwarfs, peasants, deputies and merry man. The children are excited to perform in front of the audience.

What is your part in the play?


Today children animated play scripts based on the story board. The story is based in ancient Egypt.

How many stories based in ancient Egypt do you know?

Story board a play script

Class 6 has been working on their play script-“Egyptian Cinderella.” We storyboarded key events so we are ready to animate.

Do you know Egyptian Cinderella story?

Rehearsal in full swing

Class 6 has been putting their knowledge of play scripts into practise.

We listened to stage directions and followed them to perform our characters best we can.

Do you know what stage directions are?

Analysing characters from play scripts

Class 6 has been analysing characters’ behaviour. We looked at Egyptian Cinderella play script and explained her behaviour. At the end of the week we will animate the script so it is import to understand how the characters will behave in our animation.

How would you describe character’s actions?

Controlled technology

We; have used controlled technology to rehearse our mummification learning. We used a block code to code a sequence of steps that embalmer would take during the process. We debugged the speed to ensure that the robot stays on the path.

Do you know how to debug a code?

Grouping animals

Today we have learnt new ways to group animals. This time we grouped them by their skeletons.

In which group are you in?