Reading Comprehension

Today in literacy, we have been doing a reading comprehension. Members of our class were given a short piece of text and then some questions to follow which focussed on various things that happened in our text. The class were able to describe what was written and also able to explain the definition of certain phrases.

Do you like the darkness?

Rhyming Couplets

Linking to our topic of the Vikings, we have written some rhyming couplets. We were given a picture and had to make a list of words to describe it. Then we had to find words that rhymed and then write our poem up in stanzas using our own rhyming couplets. We had some lovely pieces of work!

What rhyming couplets do you know?

Borrowing in Subtraction

In maths this morning we have been using our place value knowledge to do subtraction. We have been learning about borrowing and how we need to look at the numbers carefully to see which ones we can subtract and which ones we need to borrow from the next column. We had some fantastic pieces of work?

Can you borrow in column subtraction?


For the first topic lesson back after half term,we have been learning about our new science topic. This term we will be focusing on sound and firstly we all sat and wrote on note paper what we already know about sound and then on another what we would like to learn. We labelled a detailed diagram of the ear and then matched the labels to the definition of what that part of the ear does with regards to our hearing.

How many parts of the ear you name?

Sponsored Skip

Today was the last day of term and this afternoon we took some time out of our topic work. We headed out to the yard in the sunshine to take part in the sponsored skip to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. All of our pupils really enjoyed themselves & we all thought it was a great fun way to raise both money and awareness. It also linked in with our five pillars of brain health as not only a part of our exercise but also our rest.

Planting Seeds

This afternoon we have been planting seeds of micro green plants in the greenhouse and outside. As part of our ongoing work about Plant, Grow, Cook and Eat to improve out diet. We will share it with the children in our school and we will use it in our freshly prepared school dinners.

Do you like enjoy eating any of the things we have planted?

Noun Phrases

Today in literacy we have been looking at describing a setting. We were given a picture and then we were challenged to write a poem about the image. It related to the Viking topic we have been learning about and we had some fantastic work.

Can you think of any interesting noun phrases that you used in your poem?

Finding and Drawing Lines of symmetry

In maths we have been learning about lines of symmetry. The class were all confident in their ability to identify is a shape was symmetrical or asymmetrical. They drew their own shapes for extension with two lines of symmetry.

Could you spot lines of symmetry?

Word Problems

Today in maths we have been solving word problems. Children had to use the correct information in the questions to work out various prices of items. Everybody was confident to calculate the questions independently and it was clear that the members of our class understood the price and change of money.

Did you find it easy to calculate change?

Writing a recount

As part of our literacy work we have been looking at not only writing in chronological order but also using fronted adverbials/conjunctions of time. All of the class could spot where the fronted adverbials in sentences were and the write their own recount including adverbials of time.

Do you know any adverbials of time?