Identify different features of shapes.

This morning the children had lots of fun trying to identify the different features of shapes. Once we had identified the properties of the shape we used paper straws to make a skeleton of 3d shapes.

The functions of teeth.

Today, class 6 has been learning about the function of teeth.

We looked at different animal types and their teeth. We know that lion’s teeth have larger canines that elephants because they are carnivores.

What are the functions of carnivores teeth?

Data comprehension

Class 6 has been looking at the bar graph presenting meat consumption in Egypt and the UK. We compared both graphs and asked questions. It was really interesting and spark a conversation about traditions and religions.

Do you know which meat is the most popular in both countries?

Design and technology

Class 6 has been learning out ancient Egypt. We looked at Egyptian jewellery and designed our own necklaces.

What materials would you use to make a necklace?


Class 6 has been learning about farming in ancient Egypt. We researched facts about Black Land and the river Nile. We coded our robots to present our learning .

What do you know about the river Nile?

Safe and happy

Class 6 has been discussing different scenarios of how to keep ourselves safe and happy. We created keynotes, posters and dilemma books to share with others that it is cool to be KIND.

Tag rugby

Class 6 has been learning techniques of passing the ball.

We worked as a team and used our brain health pillars. Exercise helps our brain rest.

Do you like active rest?

Learning about 2 dimensional shapes.

Class 6 has been learning about properties of flat shapes. We asked questions about which shapes are regular and which one are irregular.

Do yo know the difference?

Writing news reports

Class 6 has been writing news reports based on Howard Carter’s discovery.

We researched informations and used features to structure our reports.

Do you know when Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered?

Expanded method of learning in Maths.

We enjoyed learning how to find our answers using expanded method in our maths lesson today!

The children worked really hard! Well done class 6.