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Dribbling the ball


In P.E we are learning how to play football. Yesterday afternoon we focused on dribbling the ball. We watched a short clip to show us techniques before we went outside.

Do you know how to dribble a football?


Wrapping boxes!

image image

This afternoon we started wrapping our shoe boxes ready to fill up for operation Christmas child. We really enjoyed it!

Have your our class been wrapping their shoe boxes?


Passing the ball

Today we had our first P.E lesson about football this term. We were practising how to pass the ball to a partner. We used the side of our foot and stop the ball with the sole of our foot. 

What have you been learning in P.E?


Passing the ball


In rugby we have been learning how to pass the ball correctly. We practised ‘rocking the baby’ and keeping our feet on the floor! We still have room for improvement but we are making progress with our rugby skills!


Maths learning by Kathleen

Written by Kathleen. 
This term we have done lots in maths like bus stop method and grid method. We have also done rounding. Our new learning is to work out codes by rounding. 

By the left quick…March!

Today we have been marching around the playground. In history we worked out that over the four months building up to the Battle of Edington Alfred the Great’s army would have marched an average of 2 miles a day. They would have marched long distances and then camped for a week before moving on. We estimated that each step was 1 metre and then counted our steps around the playground. We estimated that to march 2 miles or 3218 metres it would take 30 laps around the playground.

Funny Faces

This year for comic relief we had to do something funny with our faces. Lots wore our red noses and some of us even had some face paint and other accessories. We all brought a £1 in to go towards comic relief. It was a great fundraising effort by the whole school.