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To plan my story

The children have been looking at planning a story, using features from traditional tales. The main objective of the lesson was to develop ideas for my own story. We have been using similes to help us develop our writing.

How would you develop your story using similes?

School trip to the Farm.

Today we took the children to Morrells wood Farm. The children had a fantastic time looking at different soils on the fields and comparing their PH levels once mixed with water.

We also did some creative activities making boats from twigs we had collected from the field and lastly we made Egyptian paper with parchment paper, flour and water.

Would you know what the PH level was in the soil in your garden?

Operation Christmas Child

The whole school gathers as characters from their class author’s books. Class 6 has been full of mummies and Kats. We again collected the money for a charitable cause. All the money will go towards Operation ¬†Christmas Child. We are learning to be kind every day and we understand how important it is to share even if you have not got much yourself.

Have you been kind?


Class 6 has been using 2d shapes knowledge to code a robot. Some of us were coding a boat crossing the river Nile and the rest of the class has been focusing on coding using Playground Swift. We all had so much fun learning maths and topic.

How do you learn different subjects?

Effects on our teeth.

Today we have been looking at how different liquids effect our teeth.

We are experimenting by using hard boil eggs and submerged them in various liquids. We will now wait and see how they are effected.

Would you change your habits to save your teeth?

Halving numbers.

Class 6 has been halving numbers using distributive law. We used PV skills to partition and we multiplied each PV digits by a multiplier.

Savanna made a good progress video for the class.

Well done, Savanna

Identify different features of shapes.

This morning the children had lots of fun trying to identify the different features of shapes. Once we had identified the properties of the shape we used paper straws to make a skeleton of 3d shapes.

The functions of teeth.

Today, class 6 has been learning about the function of teeth.

We looked at different animal types and their teeth. We know that lion’s teeth have larger canines that elephants because they are carnivores.

What are the functions of carnivores teeth?

Data comprehension

Class 6 has been looking at the bar graph presenting meat consumption in Egypt and the UK. We compared both graphs and asked questions. It was really interesting and spark a conversation about traditions and religions.

Do you know which meat is the most popular in both countries?


Class 6 has been learning about farming in ancient Egypt. We researched facts about Black Land and the river Nile. We coded our robots to present our learning .

What do you know about the river Nile?