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Plant sale – supporting a community

Class 6 took part in the annual plant sale where all collected money were donated to the local charity- Salvation Army. Children have learnt how important it is to look after each other and being kind and respectful to our bodies by choosing fresh foods.

How to do show respect and support?

Looking after our plants.

We are looking after our plants. We make sure they have enough water in these hot days. Our beans are growing tall so we tided the sticks for them to climb.

Do you know how to care for plants?


What a great start of the week! Today, class 6 has been busy cooking using plants that we planted for our annual plant sale. We used ingredients like courgettes and tomatoes. our recipe was absolutely delicious!

Have you tried sautéed courgettes and tomatoes?

Spelling stars

What a great morning at Wombridge Primary! Spelling stars competition was a success. The winner, Tyler D, proudly collected the winner’s cup. Well done to everyone who took part in the competition.

Do you know spelling strategies?


High jump practise.

We have been practising high jump during our PE sessions to get us ready for the whole school high jump.

How high can you jump?

Sports day event


It has been another successful sports day. All the children enjoyed showing their best effort in sports competitions in front of their parents. Well done everyone.

Throwing competition

Throwing competition this morning was a hit! We all enjoyed a bit of competition and we supported all the contenders.

Enjoying the weather

As the weather improved, it was safe to use our climbing frame to practise our balance and resilience. We enjoyed the sun and the fabulous company of our class friends.

Animating our play scripts

This week, class 6 has been animating their play script.

We shared tasks based on job roles. We has stenographers to make backgrounds and costume designers to make characters as well as animators.

We made links to our brain health and we all agreed that this week we’ve been working on relationships, rest and challenge.

The Rainforest music

Today, class 6 has been composing a piece of music based on the Rainforest theme.

We went outside and surrounded by the nature we have composed fantastic representation of all the sounds that you can find in this magnificent place.