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Subheadings and paragraphs

In our literacy lesson, class 6 has to solve the puzzle. Each  group had a non-chronological report cut and mixed up. The task was to match subheadings to paragraphs by analysis key words in subheadings and paragraphs. The children were scanning text and marking evidence. Each team was able to complete successfully the task.

Well done teams!

Do you know what a subheading is?

Egyptian food.

The Children enjoyed making Egyptian food today. On the menu was hummus with pitta bread.

They all joined in and prepared a delicious dish, which they all enjoyed trying. We made excellent keynotes for you to follow.

Have you ever tried hummus the Egyptian way?

Using controlled technology to understand hieroglyphics.

Today class 6 has been learning about Egyptian writing. We used used Egyptian writing to write our initials in salt dough plate. After practising the writing it was a time for using robots to copy our hieroglyphics.

Can you represent your initials using hieroglyphics?

Adding stage directions to our scripts

Class 6 has been writing play scripts based on our topic- the Rainforest. Today we have improved the stage directions and acted them out to check if they were easy to follow and understand.


Do you know what stage directions are?

Science debate

Class 6 has had a debate about deforestation. We read The great Kapok Tree book and wrote our supporting statement from a chosen animal perspective. Then, we recorded a green screen stating our arguments against deforestation.

Shropshire salumi

Class 6 had the opportunity to work with Will, local entrepreneur who makes cured meats and created his successful own recipes. Today, he worked with our class designing pork patties. The children chose their own combinations of spices. They weight the ingredients and mixed mince pork with spices. Making patties was a fun activity discovering different textures, taste, smell and learning about job opportunities. We designed our own logo and advertisement for the food we created.

Have you ever experiment with different spices?


Today in art we used our class iPads to begin taking photographs for our work on the ancient Mayans. We took photographs of the school gardens and then used our imaginations to link our photos with Mayan temples and the jungle. We also learned important camera skills.

Exploring local habitat

Today it was a brilliant weather to explore our school habitat. We looked around woodland area and turn each stone and log to find mini beast that we grouped into invertebrates and exoskeletons as well as no skeletons at all. We were very respectful of their homes. We took photographs and analysed in which groups they are going to be classified.


The discovery centre

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Class 6 enjoyed visiting beautifully placed Shropshire hills. We have had the opportunity to look at a real size bone structure of a mammoth, look closely inside a round house and practise some hands on prehistoric activities. We had a … Continue reading

Anne Frank

This afternoon class 6 have been writing their own version of Anne Franks diary, we listened to some of the extracts from the book of Anne Frank and discussed as a class some of the events that took place, in our topic books we have wrote our own version and thought about some of the feelings Anne Frank may have felt during these times.

Could you have a go at wiring your own version of Anne Franks diary?