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Effects on our teeth.

Today we have been looking at how different liquids effect our teeth.

We are experimenting by using hard boil eggs and submerged them in various liquids. We will now wait and see how they are effected.

Would you change your habits to save your teeth?

Bearstone fruit farm

What a trip to the fruit farm! Class 6, during the visit, has learnt about different types of grasses which we collected on our trip card. We had the opportunity to look and learn about how to care for sheep. We also picked our own fruits like gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries and currants. This farm have vegetables too! The attraction of the trip was the trailer ride!

Do you know where the name strawberry came from?

Investigating growing conditions.

Can plants grow in a darkness?

We used peas to investigate the best growing conditions.

Our investigation took place in the direct sunlight, shaded area, dark cupboard and in the fridge. The seeds were placed on the same growing ground, at the same time and for the same period of time. After a week, we looked at the results.

Science debate

Class 6 has had a debate about deforestation. We read The great Kapok Tree book and wrote our supporting statement from a chosen animal perspective. Then, we recorded a green screen stating our arguments against deforestation.

Exploring local habitat

Today it was a brilliant weather to explore our school habitat. We looked around woodland area and turn each stone and log to find mini beast that we grouped into invertebrates and exoskeletons as well as no skeletons at all. We were very respectful of their homes. We took photographs and analysed in which groups they are going to be classified.


Recognising which materials cast shadows.

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Today, we have been grouping materials that can cast shadow. We also have learnt new vocabulary whilst observing properties. As a class we look how the source of light reflects from objects and we have learnt different types of mirrors. … Continue reading


The discovery centre

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Class 6 enjoyed visiting beautifully placed Shropshire hills. We have had the opportunity to look at a real size bone structure of a mammoth, look closely inside a round house and practise some hands on prehistoric activities. We had a … Continue reading



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Today we have been planting runner beans and peas, as a group, we have talked about why it is important to plant healthy foods and what will be the benefits from it. Some of the important reasons the children spoke … Continue reading

Measuring gases

Today in class 6 the children have been looking at the weight in gases using fizzy water. The children are making an experiment, the children measured the weight of a cup of water today and are going to measure it tomorrow to see if the weight has changed once all the gases are released.

Have you ever measured the weight of gas?


Today in class 6 the children have been looking at different types of matter. The children have compared solids, liquids and gasses and put them in to their own categories based on there states.

Do you know the difference in states of matter?