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Egyptian food.

The Children enjoyed making Egyptian food today. On the menu was hummus with pitta bread.

They all joined in and prepared a delicious dish, which they all enjoyed trying. We made excellent keynotes for you to follow.

Have you ever tried hummus the Egyptian way?

Sponsored Skip

Today was the last day of term and this afternoon we took some time out of our topic work. We headed out to the yard in the sunshine to take part in the sponsored skip to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. All of our pupils really enjoyed themselves & we all thought it was a great fun way to raise both money and awareness. It also linked in with our five pillars of brain health as not only a part of our exercise but also our rest.


In PSHE, we have been discussing as a class the term “friendship” and what this means to us. There was lots of great ideas and thoughts expressed, which we put into a poem.

What does friendship mean to you?

My Book of Appreciation

This afternoon in PSHE, we completed our book of appreciation. This involved thinking about how we appreciate our peers by writing a comment in each other’s book.

Wasn’t it lovely to see all those nice comments given to each other?



In PSHE this afternoon, we have split into groups and acted out a given scenario about honesty. We then discussed how we felt about each character, and whether we agreeed or disagreed with their actions.

Did you agree with how your character behaved?


This afternoon we have been learning how to play hockey. We played in teams and worked together to try and score!

What was your team score? Can you remember any of the rules of hockey?


Planting Sunflower Seeds

This afternoon we have been planting sunflower seeds. We needed to wet the soil and then add a seed, now we just need to watch them grow!

What does a sunflower need to be able to grow?

Inspirational people


After P.E, we were thinking about inspirational people. We learned about people such as Ghandi, Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul. These people helped others that were in need.

Who do you find inspirational and why?

Runner beans

img_2676 img_2681

This afternoon, we have been learning about respect. Timothy had noticed that the runner beans outside our classroom were ready to be picked. He had to show respect by carefully picking the beans without damaging the rest of the plant. He then carefully cut them into pieces to share with the rest of the class. They were really yummy!

What does respect mean to you?


Guess the weight

For children in need, children that paid an additional £1 played ‘Guess the weight’. They had to guess the weight of a fruit bowl!

The winner in KS2 who guessed the closest weight was Jamie in Class 8.

In Class 6, the person who guessed the closest was Georgia!

Well done Jamie and Georgia!