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Egyptian food.

The Children enjoyed making Egyptian food today. On the menu was hummus with pitta bread.

They all joined in and prepared a delicious dish, which they all enjoyed trying. We made excellent keynotes for you to follow.

Have you ever tried hummus the Egyptian way?

Bearstone fruit farm

What a trip to the fruit farm! Class 6, during the visit, has learnt about different types of grasses which we collected on our trip card. We had the opportunity to look and learn about how to care for sheep. We also picked our own fruits like gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries and currants. This farm have vegetables too! The attraction of the trip was the trailer ride!

Do you know where the name strawberry came from?

Investigating growing conditions.

Can plants grow in a darkness?

We used peas to investigate the best growing conditions.

Our investigation took place in the direct sunlight, shaded area, dark cupboard and in the fridge. The seeds were placed on the same growing ground, at the same time and for the same period of time. After a week, we looked at the results.

Exploring local habitat

Today it was a brilliant weather to explore our school habitat. We looked around woodland area and turn each stone and log to find mini beast that we grouped into invertebrates and exoskeletons as well as no skeletons at all. We were very respectful of their homes. We took photographs and analysed in which groups they are going to be classified.

Planting Sunflower Seeds

This afternoon we have been planting sunflower seeds. We needed to wet the soil and then add a seed, now we just need to watch them grow!

What does a sunflower need to be able to grow?


This afternoon, Conor, Emily, Jess and Jess planted some rosemary! We really liked the way that it smelled! We turned all the soil, got rid of the weeds and then dug holes for the plant to go in to.

What has your class planted recently?

Planting mustard seeds

img_2991 img_2992 img_3000

This afternoon, we planted mustard seeds in trays. We did this to make ‘grass’ for when we build our own mini stonehenges ready for our Stone Age animations.

What have your class been planting?

Runner beans

img_2676 img_2681

This afternoon, we have been learning about respect. Timothy had noticed that the runner beans outside our classroom were ready to be picked. He had to show respect by carefully picking the beans without damaging the rest of the plant. He then carefully cut them into pieces to share with the rest of the class. They were really yummy!

What does respect mean to you?

Emily’s book

Great work Emily, you have worked hard to make this herb book. You have used some lovely non fiction features in your writing. 

Gardening at home

The children of class 6 have been eager to share their tales of all the planting they’ve been doing at home. We bought lots of seedlings and plants and the school plants and they have been successfully growing at home. Some of us have even bought our own seeds and planted them. What planting and gardening have you been up to at home?

Here is Meredith with her wild flower she has grown from seed at home.