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Today we have been planting runner beans and peas, as a group, we have talked about why it is important to plant healthy foods and what will be the benefits from it. Some of the important reasons the children spoke … Continue reading



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Today some of the children from class 6 got to replant some potatoes as part of our grow, cook and eat programme. The children took great care in the planting making sure the potatoes didn’t get damaged so they can … Continue reading

Understanding the growth of cress

This afternoon in science, we were investigating how cress seeds can grow without any soil. We planted seeds along with some cotton wool and water and will watch them grow over the next two weeks.

How do cress seeds grow without soil?

Plant Sale

Class 6 visited the plant sale this afternoon, where they were able to purchase a plant which have been grown by pupils at Wombridge. The vast array of plants available was impressive and all pupils should be proud of what they have grown.

What plant did you purchase?


This afternoon, every member of Class 6 has planted some Stock (Virginian) seeds. These will hopefully flower just before we break up for summer, so that everyone can take one home.

Are you looking forward to seeing your plants grow?


Identifying parts of a plant

This afternoon we have been identifying and describing the different parts of a flowering pea plant. We then replanted them outside so they can continue to grow and produce.

What are the different parts of a plant?


Before half term, we planted a variety of seeds in the outside plant beds which have grown tremendously whilst we were off. Today Class 6 have replanted them individually ready for the plant sale.

What vegetable did you replant?


This afternoon we have been busy planting s variety of vegetable seeds. This included: tomato, runner bean, beetreet and kale. We are going to have to look after them over the next couple of weeks ensuring they are well watered.

Which vegetable are you most looking forward seeing grow?


Planting Sunflower Seeds

This afternoon we have been planting sunflower seeds. We needed to wet the soil and then add a seed, now we just need to watch them grow!

What does a sunflower need to be able to grow?


This afternoon, Conor, Emily, Jess and Jess planted some rosemary! We really liked the way that it smelled! We turned all the soil, got rid of the weeds and then dug holes for the plant to go in to.

What has your class planted recently?