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Sponsored run

On Monday morning, class 6 took part in whole school Sponsored Run. The children came back with sponsored money form and they ran for a charitable cause. The collected money will contribute to purchasing item for the annual charity event Operation Christmas Child.

Well done to all the children who ran to raise the money.

Sponsored Skip

Today was the last day of term and this afternoon we took some time out of our topic work. We headed out to the yard in the sunshine to take part in the sponsored skip to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. All of our pupils really enjoyed themselves & we all thought it was a great fun way to raise both money and awareness. It also linked in with our five pillars of brain health as not only a part of our exercise but also our rest.

Physical Education!

Today we have had a lot of fun taking part in dodge ball. We all made sure that we warmed up before we played dodge ball. We were given different actions to do like skipping, jogging and lots more to warm us up before taking part in dodge ball. Do you know what dodge ball is?


This afternoon we went swimming and had so much fun. We were kicking our legs in the water, using the floats to get us across the other side of the pool and had races with each other. What do you enjoy doing when you go swimming?

Cricket skills

To afternoon in class 6 we have took part in cricket during P.E, we have learnt different techniques on how to throw the ball.

We learnt overarm, underarm and swimming technique.

What cricket techniques do you know?


Today during P.E the children in class 6 have been doing fitness training and looking at different exercises they could do to increase their own fitness outside of school.

What sort of fitness do you do?


Today class 6 did hockey they were learning different skills while playing small matches. The children learnt how to pass and shoot using the correct grip on the hockey stick.

Do you know the correct grip on a hockey stick?


Today in P.E. class 6 have been practicing their accuracy in hockey when trying to hit a ball in a hoop placed on the floor trying not to miss. The hoop wasn’t to big so the children tried their hardest to have the correct power and angle to land their ball in the hoop.

How is your accuracy while using angles?


Tag rugby

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Today in class 6 we have been doing tag rugby, improving our skills in in defending and attacking. Going in to different situation from a 1 v 1 in to a 2 v 1 improving passing and catching also.

Throwing Competition

This morning, the whole school took part in the throwing competition. Congratulations to everybody who took part, you all seemed to enjoy yourselves.

How far did you throw the ball?