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The discovery centre

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Class 6 enjoyed visiting beautifully placed Shropshire hills. We have had the opportunity to look at a real size bone structure of a mammoth, look closely inside a round house and practise some hands on prehistoric activities. We had a … Continue reading


Today class 6 did hockey they were learning different skills while playing small matches. The children learnt how to pass and shoot using the correct grip on the hockey stick.

Do you know the correct grip on a hockey stick?


Tag rugby

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Today in class 6 we have been doing tag rugby, improving our skills in in defending and attacking. Going in to different situation from a 1 v 1 in to a 2 v 1 improving passing and catching also.


Morrells Wood Farm

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The whole of KS2 visited Morrells Wood Farm today, where we all enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities which were set up for us. This included building habitats, exploring different types of seeds and identifying plants and animals … Continue reading


This afternoon, we have been learning about the battle between Guthrum and Alfred the Great, where Alfred ended up fleeing to Somerset. This resulted in a peace treaty between the two. As part of this, we recreated a “shield wall” which Alfred used in the battle.

Did you manage to stop the opposition getting through?


This afternoon, we enjoyed going outside onto the playground to practise our skipping. We did a variety of skipping activities, including: individual skipping, skipping races and group skipping.

What was your favourite skipping activity?

Area and Perimeter

In maths this week, we are learning about area and perimeter. To start our learning, we went outside in groups and measured various objects in the playground to see if we could work out their area and perimeter.

What is the difference between area and perimeter?

Being Thankful

In R.E. we have been learning about being thankful. We went up to the woodlands to get some images, we then used these as inspiration to write a poem or prayer about why we are thankful for nature.

What have you been learning in R.E.?


This afternoon, Conor, Emily, Jess and Jess planted some rosemary! We really liked the way that it smelled! We turned all the soil, got rid of the weeds and then dug holes for the plant to go in to.

What has your class planted recently?

Stone Age


In class 6, we went up to the woods to take pictures of things for our keynotes, we took pictures things that the people in the stone age would of used.

Do you know what things were used in the stone age?