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Egyptian food.

The Children enjoyed making Egyptian food today. On the menu was hummus with pitta bread.

They all joined in and prepared a delicious dish, which they all enjoyed trying. We made excellent keynotes for you to follow.

Have you ever tried hummus the Egyptian way?

Shropshire salumi

Class 6 had the opportunity to work with Will, local entrepreneur who makes cured meats and created his successful own recipes. Today, he worked with our class designing pork patties. The children chose their own combinations of spices. They weight the ingredients and mixed mince pork with spices. Making patties was a fun activity discovering different textures, taste, smell and learning about job opportunities. We designed our own logo and advertisement for the food we created.

Have you ever experiment with different spices?

Mile a day

Class 6 supports healthy habits and continue Mile a day activity. Today we walked or run a mile rehearsing times table. The children learnt in fun way making friends, exercising their brains and bodies.


Recognising angles

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Today, class 6 have been learning about types of angles. We used right angle measure to identify angles greater and lesser than 90 degrees and we named them accordingly. Year 4 had even harder task as they had to names … Continue reading


Today all of class 6 has progressed through their maths and understanding how to borrow when rounding, all groups then went on to do the inverse operation to find out if they had the correct answer.

Do you know how to borrow when taking away?


Today the children have made bread and butter pudding following a recipe that was used in world war 2. The children got to experience what the people of world war 2 ate and made, they followed the recipe very carefully to ensure the end product was nice.

Have you ever made bread and butter pudding?


Today the children in class 6 were looking at different types of switches from a pull switch to a dial switch. Some children then went around a part of the school tallying up how many of the switches they could see. The children also had to think of some places where you might find a certain switch, such as a push button on a remote.

What different switches do you have at home?


Today in P.E. class 6 have been practicing their accuracy in hockey when trying to hit a ball in a hoop placed on the floor trying not to miss. The hoop wasn’t to big so the children tried their hardest to have the correct power and angle to land their ball in the hoop.

How is your accuracy while using angles?



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Today in class 6, the children have been learning how to code their own games so they operate the way in which they want it to. Changing the controls and the mechanics of the game to make it more challenging … Continue reading


Today in class 6 the children have started to learn about fractions. They have had to compare and order fractions from biggest to smallest, throughout the week the children would like to learn more about fractions and the different types of fractions there are.

Do you know how to order a fraction?