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Egyptian food.

The Children enjoyed making Egyptian food today. On the menu was hummus with pitta bread.

They all joined in and prepared a delicious dish, which they all enjoyed trying. We made excellent keynotes for you to follow.

Have you ever tried hummus the Egyptian way?



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Today we have been planting runner beans and peas, as a group, we have talked about why it is important to plant healthy foods and what will be the benefits from it. Some of the important reasons the children spoke … Continue reading


Today in class 6 the children have been looking at iconic landmarks within Britain, the children used iPads and an atlas to locate the iconic landmark so they could plot it on the correct spot. The children learned about different areas of Britain and about the iconic landmarks.

Do you know where some iconic landmarks are?

Stone Age


In class 6, we went up to the woods to take pictures of things for our keynotes, we took pictures things that the people in the stone age would of used.

Do you know what things were used in the stone age?


Tectonic Plates


This afternoon class 6 have been learning all about tectonic plates, these cause earthquakes by moving and colliding in the earths crust.

What have you learnt this afternoon?

El Dorado

We have painted what we think El Dorado (the Lost City of Gold) would like. How do think it might look?


Sir Walter Raleigh

Today we have been researching the life and times of Sir Walter Raleigh. We have created a timeline of his life as well as keynotes about him. Did you know he went to the Amazon Rainforest to search for El Dorado (the Lost City of Gold). Do you think he found it?


Deforestation…the debate

Today in our literacy lesson we had a debate about deforestation. Our class was split into two groups. One group had to argue for deforestation and the other group argues against deforestation. To help us we researched the pros and cons of deforestation on the planet. After our debate we took a vote and it was unanimous….class 6 are against deforestation.

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Adventure time

Over the last two weeks we have been learning all about adventure stories. Today we wrote our own adventure story based in the Amazon Rainforest.


Amazon Rainforest

Welcome back for the summer term. This term class 6 will be learning about Rainforests. We will be focussing on the Amazon Rainforest. We have already learnt that it can be found in South America and is home to many animals and tribes.