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Cricket tournament!

This afternoon we have all had a lot of fun taking part in a cricket tournament. Everyone from Key Stage 2 took part in the tournament and we had so much fun taking part. Well done to everyone who has taken part today. Have you played in a cricket tournament before?

Cricket skills

To afternoon in class 6 we have took part in cricket during P.E, we have learnt different techniques on how to throw the ball.

We learnt overarm, underarm and swimming technique.

What cricket techniques do you know?


Today in class 6 the children have started to learn about fractions. They have had to compare and order fractions from biggest to smallest, throughout the week the children would like to learn more about fractions and the different types of fractions there are.

Do you know how to order a fraction?

Cricket House Tournament

This afternoon, the whole of KS2 enjoyed a cricket house tournament organised by some of our sports leaders. With a few games to be completed, the final results haven’t been announced yet.

Which house do you think will win overall?

PE – Cricket

Due to the wet weather outside, we had to do cricket inside this week. We started off with a throwing and catching warm up, finishing off with a quick cricket match.

Lets hope we can get back outside in the sunshine next week.

PE – Cricket

In PE this afternoon, we have carried on with practising our cricket skills. This involved a warm up, followed by mini group games where we took it in turns to bat, bowl and be a wicket keeper.

Which role did you prefer?

PE – Cricket

In PE today, we continued with cricket by practising one of the main skills involved – catching! We did lots of different catching games to improve our catching skills ready for when we take part in matches later in the term.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to improve their catching?


This afternoon we have been learning how to play hockey. We played in teams and worked together to try and score!

What was your team score? Can you remember any of the rules of hockey?


Basketball Matches

In P.E today we were reinforcing our learning about passing, dribbling and shooting. We also had to work as a team to move the ball across the pitch to be able to shoot and, hopefully, score!

What rules do you know in basketball?

Basketball matches

In outdoor P.E this week, we used all of our prior learning about dribbling, throwing and passing to have some matches against each other. We had to try and defend and tackle the ball. We scored some fantastic goals!

What have you been enjoying about basketball?