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Morrells Wood farm

What a great day at the farm working out the perimeter, collecting data using data loggers and working toward farming and agriculture award and making boats and paper. We enjoyed working on our resilience pillars.



Bearstone fruit farm

What a trip to the fruit farm! Class 6, during the visit, has learnt about different types of grasses which we collected on our trip card. We had the opportunity to look and learn about how to care for sheep. We also picked our own fruits like gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries and currants. This farm have vegetables too! The attraction of the trip was the trailer ride!

Do you know where the name strawberry came from?

Investigating growing conditions.

Can plants grow in a darkness?

We used peas to investigate the best growing conditions.

Our investigation took place in the direct sunlight, shaded area, dark cupboard and in the fridge. The seeds were placed on the same growing ground, at the same time and for the same period of time. After a week, we looked at the results.

Shropshire salumi

Class 6 had the opportunity to work with Will, local entrepreneur who makes cured meats and created his successful own recipes. Today, he worked with our class designing pork patties. The children chose their own combinations of spices. They weight the ingredients and mixed mince pork with spices. Making patties was a fun activity discovering different textures, taste, smell and learning about job opportunities. We designed our own logo and advertisement for the food we created.

Have you ever experiment with different spices?



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Today we have been planting runner beans and peas, as a group, we have talked about why it is important to plant healthy foods and what will be the benefits from it. Some of the important reasons the children spoke … Continue reading



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Today some of the children from class 6 got to replant some potatoes as part of our grow, cook and eat programme. The children took great care in the planting making sure the potatoes didn’t get damaged so they can … Continue reading


Morrells Wood Farm

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The whole of KS2 visited Morrells Wood Farm today, where we all enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities which were set up for us. This included building habitats, exploring different types of seeds and identifying plants and animals … Continue reading

Plant Sale

Class 6 visited the plant sale this afternoon, where they were able to purchase a plant which have been grown by pupils at Wombridge. The vast array of plants available was impressive and all pupils should be proud of what they have grown.

What plant did you purchase?


This afternoon, every member of Class 6 has planted some Stock (Virginian) seeds. These will hopefully flower just before we break up for summer, so that everyone can take one home.

Are you looking forward to seeing your plants grow?


Potato Salad

In cooking this afternoon, we made our own potato salad. This involved using some of the chives which have been growing outside. We had to carefully cut the potato and chives, then mixed it together along with mayonnaise.

Did you enjoy eating the potato salad?