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Egyptian food.

The Children enjoyed making Egyptian food today. On the menu was hummus with pitta bread.

They all joined in and prepared a delicious dish, which they all enjoyed trying. We made excellent keynotes for you to follow.

Have you ever tried hummus the Egyptian way?


Today the children have made bread and butter pudding following a recipe that was used in world war 2. The children got to experience what the people of world war 2 ate and made, they followed the recipe very carefully to ensure the end product was nice.

Have you ever made bread and butter pudding?


Black onion seeds and rosemary pita breads.

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Today in class 6 the children have made their own pitta breads by working as a team following the recipe, kneading the dough and letting rest in order to grow. We flavoured the bread by adding black onion seeds and … Continue reading


This afternoon, students have been busy planting a variety of  seeds. This included carrots, radishes, onions and chilli’s. We’re looking forward to seeing them grow until we can use them in our cooking later in the year.

What are you looking forward to cooking with our vegetables?

Christmas cakes

img_3447 img_3451

This afternoon, class 6 have been busy making christmas cakes out of rice crispies, chocolate and food colouring! We also made cellophane bags to put them in. We are really looking forward to decorating them tomorrow!

What cooking have you done recently?

Making stone age flat bread

img_3277 img_3279 img_3284

Class 6 made stone age flat bread using water and a mix of ingredients such as oat flakes, wheat flour, rye flour and seeds. We had to roll the mixture into a ball and then press it flat.

What have you been cooking?

Anyone for ice cream?

Yesterday we made strawberry ice cream and today we got to eat it. It spent the night in the freezer and after some sports day practise we came in and enjoyed some nice refreshing strawberry ice cream. Yum!


Ice cream

Today we picked some of our strawberries that we have been growing and used them in our recipe to make strawberry ice cream. To make our recipe you will need the following:

600ml double cream

200g light condensed milk

800g of strawberries (or as many as you like depending on the strength of flavour required)

Puree the strawberries and mix them in with the cream and condensed then whisk until it thickens. Pour into a freezable container and leave overnight.

What fruit would you use in your ice cream?

IMG_4188 IMG_4187

Plant Sale part 2

On Tuesday 16th June we will be holding a plant sale after school for all parents and guardians to attend. It is to raise money for the charity STAY who help support homeless youth in the Telford area.



Our strawberry plants are nearly ready for harvest. Do you have any suggestions for what we can cook with them?