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Using controlled technology to understand hieroglyphics.

Today class 6 has been learning about Egyptian writing. We used used Egyptian writing to write our initials in salt dough plate. After practising the writing it was a time for using robots to copy our hieroglyphics.

Can you represent your initials using hieroglyphics?



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Today in class 6, the children have been learning how to code their own games so they operate the way in which they want it to. Changing the controls and the mechanics of the game to make it more challenging … Continue reading


We have been learning all about keeping ourselves safe and happy online. We discussed different situations and what we could do to make sure we are protected.

Can you share how you help to keep yourself self and happy online?

Sir Walter Raleigh

Today we have been researching the life and times of Sir Walter Raleigh. We have created a timeline of his life as well as keynotes about him. Did you know he went to the Amazon Rainforest to search for El Dorado (the Lost City of Gold). Do you think he found it?


We have been animating our two hander scripts. To do this we have used animate it and garageband. Have you done any animating recently?


Sizing up the greenhouse

Today we went to take various measurements in our greenhouse. All the windows and the ceiling are now in place and we are eagerly waiting to see the next development. We recorded our measurements in a table and then created charts to represent the difference between our estimates and the actual measurements.


Class keynotes

Each week we produce a class keynote about our learning. We create these on the MacBooks and iPads. You can view them on our class page on the school website.IMG_3695