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This afternoon, we have been learning about habitats and how they are used by different creatures. Specifically, we have been deciding which different creatures live on a farm, in or near water and those that live in a hedge.

Is there a variety of animals living in each habitat?

Zentangle Designs

To link in with our topic of the Rainforest and the Mayan People, this afternoon we have created our own zentangle designs which we have drawn onto a red-eye tree frog template.

What was your favourite type of zentangle design?

Creating 3D effects

In Art we have been creating 3D effects with viking brooches by using card, string and foil. We had to think carefully about how we would like our pattern to be and we then decorated our brooches with gems and sequins.

What have you been creating in Art that is linked to your Topic?

Viking brooches


Last week, we made viking brooches using salt dough. We researched what they would have looked like and then made ours using similar designs. Today we were able to paint them using metallic acrylic paint to make them look even better!

What exciting things have you been learning about this week?

Designing Viking Shields


In Art, we are making our own viking shields. This is linked to our Topic and Literacy work. We started designing our shields this afternoon, looking at patterns and colours the Vikings would have used themselves. We are very excited to start making them next week!

What materials would you use on your viking shield?

Viking World of the Gods

IMG_3489 IMG_3491

In class 6, we have been doing our own paintings and drawings about the different environments the Viking Gods would have lived in. We thought of a snowy mountainous world, also a fiery and mossy forrest land.

What do you know about the Viking Gods Worlds?

Christmas cards


We also made christmas cards using blue card, our thumb prints and white paint!

What have you been making in art?

Designing our Stone Age shelters

img_2917 img_2916 img_2913

This afternoon Class 6 have been designing their own Stone Age shelters, we have been deciding on what we think the best natural materials are to use.

What materials would you use to build your own Stone Age shelter?


Making our own cartouche.

IMG_0581 IMG_0578 IMG_0574 IMG_0579

Today in Art we were making our own Egyptian name plates. This is also called a cartouche. We used sand dough to make a flat stone and then carved our names and a message in hieroglyphics. It was lots of fun!

El Dorado

We have painted what we think El Dorado (the Lost City of Gold) would like. How do think it might look?