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Design and technology

Class 6 has been learning out ancient Egypt. We looked at Egyptian jewellery and designed our own necklaces.

What materials would you use to make a necklace?

Using controlled technology to understand hieroglyphics.

Today class 6 has been learning about Egyptian writing. We used used Egyptian writing to write our initials in salt dough plate. After practising the writing it was a time for using robots to copy our hieroglyphics.

Can you represent your initials using hieroglyphics?


Today in art we used our class iPads to begin taking photographs for our work on the ancient Mayans. We took photographs of the school gardens and then used our imaginations to link our photos with Mayan temples and the jungle. We also learned important camera skills.


Class 6 has been researching designer jobs. We came to the conclusion that everything that surrounds us has been designed by someone. There are any uses and purposes of that job. We designed clothing line out of newspapers. It was a great collaboration between teams. We finished the day with a show. Well done everyone.


Today the children in class 6 finished off drawing their landscape and started to paint them using great care when holding the brush, the children made their pictures stand out from everybody else’s.

Have you ever painted a landscape drawing?

Press printing

Today in class 6 the children created their own styled Egyptian cartouche using a styrofoam plate, were children used a pencil to imprint their design on to the plate, then they used paint and a roller to roll on their design to then press on to the paper to see their artwork.

Have you ever done a print press?

Completing Mayan Masks

This afternoon, we completed our Mayan masks. First, we painted the masks using brown paint to create our background. Then added colour using tissue paper to brighten them up. Finishing them off by using felt tips to add our zentangle designs.

Have you enjoyed creating your own Mayan mask?

Mayan Masks

Welcome back Class 6! Hope you all had a good half term. This afternoon, we carried on with our Mayan masks building them up further so they were 3D.

Are are you ready to add paint to them tomorrow?


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Mayan Masks

This afternoon, we have been creating the Mayan masks which we had designed last week. This involved building up the masks using paper, which we are going to paint when we return back to school after half term.


Hope you all have a lovely half term, returning to school ready for your new learning,

Mayan Plates

Today, we have been designing and creating our own Mayan plates using clay. First we came up with a variety of designs. We then made our clay plates, followed by putting our chosen design onto the plate.

Did you enjoy making your own Mayan plates?