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Modelling video subtraction

Multiplication modelling

How many calculations can you complete?

Royal portraits

In art, we focused on drawing our portraits and represent ourselves as royals. We discuss portraits of monarchs from different periods.

Creating animations based on the legend

Today in literacy, year 3 and 4 created animations based on Arthurian legends. After describing characters and setting, planning action and drawing characters, our legend came to life.

Expanding noun phrases to describe characters.

Year 3 and 4 expanded noun phrases to describe the appearance of characters they will animate later on this week.


Today in science, year 3 and 4 has been learning about 7 life processes. We used MRS NERG to help us memorise these.

Can you name 7 life processes?

Modelling video maths time problems

5 pillars of brain health

Today, we have been learning about 5 pillars of brain health. We talked about how can we support others in looking after their health. The children shared wonderful examples of relationship, diet, challenge, exercise and rest.

How do you look after your own and others brain health?

Another exciting day!

Today we compared fractions, planned our legend and make crowns from natural materials. We also coded a route for the king and used control technology to test it.

Enjoying Football Cricket

Year 3 and 4 has enjoyed outdoor activities. In our PE lesson, we played football cricket. We were split into 2 teams. We had to kick as far as we could. Such a great fun!