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Responding to questions in French

Class 6 has been linking geography and language to respond to questions in French.

How would you introduce yourself?

Creating our own variations

Class 6 has been creating our own variations based on Sir E. Elgar composition that we have been learning this term.

How would you describe your friends with sounds?

Learning about sacred books

Class 6 has been learning about sacred books in religions. We discussed how should we treat books and what is different about special books.

How do you treat your books?


Class 6 has been learning about calculating perimeter. We found shapes on the playground and proved that we understand what a perimeter means before completing our work. How would you explain term perimeter?

Impressionism inspired art

Class 6 has been finishing their artwork using dry pastels. We previously worked on using different brushes for the effect and today, we added impression of a train as we got inspired by Turner’s masterpiece.


This afternoon we have been talking about how we treat each other and the effects of our actions, we spoke about being kind and treating others how we would like to be treated.

Working in small groups we have started filling in dilemma books, there were different situations and we chose how we would deal with it showing kindness to our peers.

How have you shown kindness today?

Science experiment

This afternoon in class 6 we have done an experiment to help us understand reversible and non reversible changes, using chocolate we used different methods to melt the chocolate,our first method was to put the chocolate in a bag and rub it using our hands, we also put a piece of chocolate on a plate and kept it above a bowl of hot water, our third method was to drop the chocolate in a bowl of hot water. We used data harvest to measure the temperature.

Which method do you predict will melt the chocolate first?

Editing our poem

This week we have been looking at features of a Poem and have been planning our own based on trains which links to our topic work, we have been looking at rhyming couplets, similes and metaphors.

What has been your focus in literacy ?

Using controlled technology in maths

Today, class 6 has been learning about angles.

We used our knowledge of angles and controlled technology to consolidate our learning.




This afternoon we have been cooking, we are making vegetable soup. It as important to cut the vegetables up carefully ready to be boiled into a vegetable soup.

We have been growing rosemary, which will also be added into our soup.