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Editing our poem

This week we have been looking at features of a Poem and have been planning our own based on trains which links to our topic work, we have been looking at rhyming couplets, similes and metaphors.

What has been your focus in literacy ?

Using controlled technology in maths

Today, class 6 has been learning about angles.

We used our knowledge of angles and controlled technology to consolidate our learning.




This afternoon we have been cooking, we are making vegetable soup. It as important to cut the vegetables up carefully ready to be boiled into a vegetable soup.

We have been growing rosemary, which will also be added into our soup.

Using a sensor to code a safety trains

Class 6 used sensors to code a safe trains. We thought about a sensor that would stop a train if something obstructs tracks.

What solutions can you find?

Budgeting our money

Today in maths we became online shoppers, we had a list of groceries from five shops all at different prices to feed our family we had to complete the weekly shop by finding the cheapest store to buy from. Using our prior knowledge this week of adding and subtracting g with a decimal place we worked out the money we would spend and the change we would receive back.

What have you done in your maths lesson today?


This afternoon we have been painting, we have looked at using different grades of brushes to create different effects when painting.

First we had a practise at seeing the effects of changing the direction of the paintbrush and using a smaller or a larger one and how that would change the way our work looks.

Sharing our work

Last term, we planted our bulbs. We used greenhouse to see how different grounds affect the growth. Today we were able to compare and take our flower home.

Do you know what ground is the best for the bulb growth?

Understanding the cycle of water

This afternoon in class 6 we have been learning about the water cycle, today we have set up an experiment to observe over the next week, filling two sealed bags of water we have hung them on two different windows in the classroom. You can see below the process we expect to see over the next week.

How long does you predict it will take for the water to evaporate?

Stuffing Tomatoes

In class 6 we have been stuffing tomatoes, first of all we took the inside of the tomatoes out with a spoon, we had already mixed our ingredients together that we was using to stuff them with, the ingredients used was whole grain rice, mushrooms, ham and rosemary which is the herb that we have been growing in class, with a drop of olive oil .

We are excited to have a taste once they are cooked.

What have you cooked this week?

Learning short division

Class 6 has been learning ‘bus stop’ method to divide. We have learnt how to carry the remainder to the next PV. some numbers weren’t divided equally leaving the remainder.

Do you know how to use short division?