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Friction Experiment

Today as part of our forces work in science, we performed an experiment to measure the amount of force used to pull a tray over different surfaces. The class could see there was a pattern between the results. The surfaces we used were the pavement, the hall floor and the carpet. We then recorded our results in our books clearly.

Which surface do you think was the easiest to drag the tray along?

Changing the tense

In literacy today we have been reading and understanding a Norse myth, which ties in nicely with the work we have been doing on the Vikings. We read an extract of the myth and then rewrote the myth in the present tense.

Can you think of any words that might change in past, present and future tense?

Roman Numerals

In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals. Firstly, we revisited our previous learning and worked together to translate numbers into Roman numerals up to 100. We then worked hard to solve problems with Roman numerals such as subtracting and comparing. They can be tricky but the class made it look easy and worked really hard to present their work neatly in their book.

Can you translate numbers into Roman numerals?

Writing the problem and resolution to our story

In literacy today we have been writing the middle part of our story and focusing on building suspense and resolving a problem. All week we have worked to develop our ideas from firstly watching a video with no speech and describing the setting. As the week has progressed we have managed to include speech in our own creative writing and drawn upon our knowledge of the Vikings to make our writing more realistic.

Designing a Viking Shield

Yesterday in the afternoon the class had a go at designing their own Viking shield. We looked at specific designs that the Vikings used and then the colours that were most commonly used. The colourful designs that the class created were absolutely fantastic and showed a real understanding for how the shields would of looked in the Viking time.

Learning about forces

Today we have been learning about forces. Children were asked to discuss and write down some things that we push and some things that we pull. We introduced a newton meter whilst carrying out our experiment to measure the effect of weight on force. Pupils enjoyed adjusting the amount of weight on their trays to see the affect it had on the measurement on the Newton metre.

Can you recall the way in which weight effected the measurement on the Newton metre?


Our Viking projects

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We have been very busy over the christmas holidays producing a variety of work relating to our new topic this term, The Vikings. We had a some colourful Viking shields and pupils took it upon themselves to research information on … Continue reading

Found raising

Once again, our school’s pupils decided to give raised money from the Christmas performance and Christmas jumper day to the Salvation Army charity. We have raised £680 this year. Well done Wombridge Primary School.


Home made pasta.

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As a part of our cooking award, class 6 has made pasta. We used flour, eggs and water as ingredients and after the dough was ready we used pasta maker to cut pasta into shapes. Have you made pasta?


Christmas performance

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Well done to all the children taking part in our Christmas performance. Such an important message behind fantastic acting, music and costumes. We are all different and we are all the same – it’s the message that our children have … Continue reading