This morning Alia and Kathleen were awarded their leader badges! Class 6 are really happy!

Are you working towards getting a leader badge?

Which stripe are you collecting evidence for?

0 responses to “Leaders

  1. I am stunned at getting a leader badge.

  2. Well done. Now I want to get a badge just like you.

  3. Good job Alia and Kathleen.

  4. Thank you Emily

  5. Well done Kathleen and Alia.

  6. I would like to get the computing badge because I like going on different types of computers and learning how to use them.
    Congratulations on getting your badge Alia & Kathleen.

  7. Well Done! I hope i’ll be getting one soon like you! 😀

  8. And also im aming for all of them except sports!

  9. Well done both of you

  10. Well done Alia and Kathleen.

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