Making scrambled egg!

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Today we have been cooking scrambled eggs! We talked about all the goodness you can get from eggs before we started cooking. We learned that eggs are a good source of protein! We had to crack the egg and make sure no shell got into our bowls. Next, we whisked up the egg and added in extra ingredients (cottage cheese, peppers, ham, sweetcorn, peas, carrots and parmesan). We had to mix it all together and cook in the microwave. It was really tasty!

What have you been cooking this week?

5 responses to “Making scrambled egg!

  1. Looks messy.

  2. Mmm I Loved Mine Peas sweetcorn carrots in scrambled eggs really tasty and healthy. Did You Like Yours?

  3. The scrambled egg was very yummy.


  5. The srambled egg was yummy. Peas, sweetcorn, peppers, ham and cottage cheese all in scrambled egg. Mmmmm!

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