English Songbirds

We have been learning the 10 most common songbirds in England. We have listened to the different birdsongs and painted these pictures.

Which songbirds do you recognise?

What are the 5 most popular songbirds in the UK?

8 responses to “English Songbirds

  1. Wow Reece that is amazing and what was your best part?

  2. I enjoyed colouring my bird because mr brown said it is very good we’ll done.

  3. I really like your picture I wish I could do one like that.

  4. Hi Eillsa I like your bird because it is very colourful.

  5. Well done class 6, my favourite picture is Angelica because it has so much detail no it it looks so good that it sud be in an art gallery good job : -)

  6. Wow Chelsea that blue tit is amaizing

  7. I like your picture every one.

  8. My drawing was a sparrow

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