Collecting data

As part of maths we been looking at collecting data and producing a graph from it, class 6 went outside in groups and did a different activity they could produce data from once the data had been collected we produced a appropriate graph for the data and asked our peers suitable questions from the data collected.

The Wombridge Plant Sale

This afternoon our school have done the plant sale, over the weeks each class has been planting and looking after our plants ready for today.

Each class took it in turns to go and buy a plant, all money raised will be going towards operation Christmas child this year.

Foot Cricket

Today in our PE lesson we doing foot cricket, the same rules applied as normal cricket but we used our feet instead of a bat.

Have you ever played foot cricket?

Do you know what the rules for foot cricket are?

Composing a poem

Today in literacy we have been composing a poem, using the prior knowledge and planning we have done so far this week, we finished a stanza of our poem.

Using personification we imagined ourselves as different types of weather in different seasons , some of the weathers used were rain, snow and sun.

Can you guess what weather this poem was based on?

Producing and analysing column graph

This morning in maths class 6 have been producing and analysing column graphs, we have been presenting data on bar charts and interpret this data to add more information.

Measuring distance

This afternoon class 6 have been measuring distance, using string we measured the distance on a map between 2 train stations we measured this in centimetres then converted it to metres to give a real life measurement of distance.

High jump and throwing

Today the whole school has been taking part in throwing and high jump, it has been a great day and we have all done the school proud, the highest score in throwing was a fantastic throw of 26 metres!

Had your day been exciting as ours?

Sports Day

Today the whole school took part in sports day, we competed in many different races and it was very close for each team to win, but this year blue house come out as our winners!

Well done it was a fantastic day and everyone showed great sportsmanship.

What was your favourite race to watch ?

Converting units of time

Today in maths we have been converting time showing different units of measure, to help us complete this we used our times tables knowledge.

Investigating answers to questions

This afternoon in topic we investigations answers to questions, we have decided on some questions about habitats and what we would like to find out about them, we have chose the equipment we will need to use and what we are going to change and keep the same ready for when we do our experiment.

What would you like to investigate about a habitat?