Measuring our garden for a design competition.

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Class 6 has been measuring and estimating lengths. We used it in maths and DT when we designed outdoor garden for our teeth school. Do you know how to estimate and measure accurately?

Using maps and analysing data.

In geography we used maps to mark urban areas and use their key to comprehend some data.

Can you read the key?

Grouping animals

Today we have learnt new ways to group animals. This time we grouped them by their skeletons.

In which group are you in?

2 minutes of silence

In today’s assembly we gave our thanks to the soldiers that fought for our country. It was a special time for our school as we all gathered together and had 2 minutes of silence to think how grateful we are for their sacrifice.

Tag rugby tournament

The whole school took part in tag rugby tournament.

We practiced our skills during autumn term. We played against different house teams. It was a great fun.

Do you know how to play tag rugby?


Shape poems

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We continued our poetry theme but this time we have written shape poetry. We used a poppy shape and a soldier shape. Do you know what personification is?

Brain health

Today, we focused on our achievements and behaviour for learning. We discussed how our mindset contributed to our successes.

What are you proud of?


In science, class 6 has been learning about nutrients and we compared the data of different animals feeding habits.

Do you know which animal needs more protein in their diet?


Descriptive poetry

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Class 6 has been learning poetry devices to write a descriptive poem. We included personifications and similes in our Remembrance poetry. Do you know what personification is?

School assembly-reducing waste

Class 6 has enjoyed todays assembly. We talked about attendance and kindness but we also talked about the waste that we produce and how can we reduce it. Our school council talked to school’s chefs to investigate the waste that school produces. Our class had discussed how the waste is produce and how to reduce it.

We are looking forward to the projects coming back after the half term.

How do you reduce waste?