Home Learning Activities

Farming Friday

We have been busy planting and using XIX century recipes to prepare fabulous dish.

Do you know which puddings were the most popular in XIX century in Britain?

Learning fractions

This week we have been learning about fractions. We used times tables knowledge to simplify and find equivalent fractions.

Which fractions are equivalent?

Planning a prospectus

We have been planning a school prospectus. No, not Wombridge prospectus. A Hogwarts prospectus! Following our theme of imaginary settings, we decided to make a magical prospectus that fits a magical school.

Do you know what a prospectus is?

Farm visit

We have visited another farm to extend our outdoor learning provision. The children were participating a a range of exciting activities.

Have you looked at our website to view a keynote?

London Underground

In history we looked at how trains improved our lives. We looked at underground area used by people to commute faster across the city. We also discussed safety features that are important when coding a travelling train.

Naming countries in French

We have been learning names of countries in French and identifying feminine and masculine nouns. We looked where our food comes from and what type of produce are imported to ur country.

Basketball dribbling

We have been learning to dribble and put the ball in the hoop.

Do you know the rules?


We have been learning about parables. We turned then into modern day examples so we can relate into our experiences.

Do you know what a parables is?

Where the Uk getting the energy from and what sources do we use.

In science, we have been learning about energy sources and how the energy travels to our homes.