Planting and growing

Today class 6 planted a red currant bush hoping that it will grow many fruits in June. We will use in sour cooking. Carly said she would like to make a red currant can see our peas and beans sprouting already. What do you grow in your garden?

Design and technology

Class 6 has been designing and evaluating figureheads inspired by our topic, the Vikings. We made 3 designs each time evaluating and applying changes until we decided on the final one. The most scary figure heads had piercing eyes and sharp fangs. The carving patterns had geometrical shapes.

How would your figurehead looked like?

Developing Speech

In literacy today we have been looking at speech and how it is important it is to add to our story. We worked on a voiceover to explain what is happening in our class video of Beowulf.

What character did you play?

Analysing data

Class 6 has looked at longboats data and analysed it to establish which boats were fishing boats and which were the warships.

Do you know the difference?

Reading in the library

Today class 6had their guided reading lesson in our library. The children enjoyed reading a different range of books. We discussed different writing styles. Do you know what I’d the difference between non fiction and fiction?

Planning a fantasy story

After looking at the story of Beowulf earlier in the week, today in literacy we started to plan our own fantasy story. We looked at ways to set the scene and the characters that would be involved.

What did you write about in your story?

School Council

Today in topic we have been learning about the role of our school council and using our imagination to design our own ‘perfect’ school. We had some great ideas at what we thought would enhance our learning at school.

What would you change?

Farm Trip

Today we went on a trip to the farm. We used the scenery to act out our Beowulf story and took part in writing Viking runes.

What was your favourite part of the trip?

Reading Beowulf

We have read the story of Beowulf today for the first time. We will be doing more literacy work relating to this in the week. The children were able to briefly explain what happened in the story & were very interested in it.

Do you know who Beowulf is?


Fantastic scientific researchers.

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Charlie and Keegan have researched what materials soundproofing the best. Charlie made a research board and Keegan created soundproofing headphones. Do you know what materials soundproof the best