Invertebrate hunt

We have been doing some data on invertebrates this week in class 6 and today we went on a hunt to see which insects we could find, we checked the planting area in the school and went up to the forest to see what we could find in there, after making a tally chart we came back to class to write it up neatly in our topic books and do the total amount of different insects we found and which category they went in.


This afternoon we have done some planting, we are hoping for our plants to grow so we have more to add to our plant sale, we have planted beetroot, spring onions and lettuce.

We are going to take it in turns to water them daily.


This afternoon class 6 have been learning French.

We have been talking about the weather in French, with our peers we had a conversation in French about today’s weather, it was great fun trying this!

What French do you know?

Victorian Inventions

This afternoon class 6 have been researching Victorian inventions, using the iPad we gathered information and wrote it up about an inventor in the Victorian times he was named Alexander Graham Bell, he first invention was created when he was aged 12 it was a device to separate the grain from the husks quickly, this interested him after he visited a flour mill and seen how slow the process of de-husking wheat grain was.

What do you know about Alexander Graham Bells inventions?


This afternoon we had lots of fun going swimming, we have been working on our leg strength we used the floats to get from one side of the pool to the other we also used the sinkers and working in partners we had a race who could collect the sinker the fastest!

What’s your favourite swimming technique?


Earlier this week we started to draw different parts of a portrait with oil pastels, we have now put our drawings together to create one big image, this was the final image.

What do you think?

Using our emotions

This morning in class 6 we have been using our facial expressions and different tones of voice to show our emotions when talking, we read some sentences in different ways to express emotions, we acted happy, sad, angry, fearful and many more.

Working in a group we recorded each other on the Ipad.

Creating a collage

This afternoon class 5 have been creating a collage, using different sections of a portrait picture we have used oil pastels to draw them, once completed we are going to put them together and recreate the image we drew.

Physical Education!

Today we have had a lot of fun taking part in dodge ball. We all made sure that we warmed up before we played dodge ball. We were given different actions to do like skipping, jogging and lots more to warm us up before taking part in dodge ball. Do you know what dodge ball is?


This afternoon we went swimming and had so much fun. We were kicking our legs in the water, using the floats to get us across the other side of the pool and had races with each other. What do you enjoy doing when you go swimming?