Expanded method of learning in Maths.

We enjoyed learning how to find our answers using expanded method in our maths lesson today!

The children worked really hard! Well done class 6.

Fact or Opinion?

Today’s lesson was looking at a newspaper article to see what fact we could find and what was our opinion. The children really enjoyed this challenge.

Plant,Eat & Grow

Today we’ve had so much fun working as a group preparing and making a delicious dip. We all enjoyed tasting this with some healthy pita bread.


Cooking Egyptian recipe

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Class 6 has been cooking an Egyptian recipe using natural yogurt, cucumbers, mint from our garden and garlic. We used kitchen equipment to peel, chop and mix the ingredients. Do you know other Egyptian recipes?

Using controlled technology to understand hieroglyphics.

Today class 6 has been learning about Egyptian writing. We used used Egyptian writing to write our initials in salt dough plate. After practising the writing it was a time for using robots to copy our hieroglyphics.

Can you represent your initials using hieroglyphics?

Functions of the digestives system

Today class 6 used animation to prove their understanding of the digestive system functions.

Do you know how long does it take for food to go through the oesophagus?

Reading for Pleasure

The Children went to the library today and had a wonderful time reading for pleasure.

Using data harvest to measure the different temperatures in Telford & Egypt

Some of the children had a lovely time using data harvest to compare the temperature in Telford and Cairo. We have been learning about geographical features Egypt.

Do you know the capital of Egypt?

This terms project is EGYPT.

The children have completed some fantastic work, which was set during the holidays. Well done to you all!

Plant sale – supporting a community

Class 6 took part in the annual plant sale where all collected money were donated to the local charity- Salvation Army. Children have learnt how important it is to look after each other and being kind and respectful to our bodies by choosing fresh foods.

How to do show respect and support?