Rhyming Poems

Today in literacy we wrote a rhyming poem about our favourite jungle animals! We made sure to include metaphors, personification and similes in our poems.

What is your favourite jungle animal?


Class 6 has been learning how to work like a historian. We were archaeologists when digging for artefacts from Vikings past and scientist when we measured our discoveries. Can you work like a historian?

Learning fractions

Today we linked fractions with decimals. We used multi links to help us understand fractions. Can you convert fractions to decimals?

Shropshire salumi

Class 6 had the opportunity to work with Will, local entrepreneur who makes cured meats and created his successful own recipes. Today, he worked with our class designing pork patties. The children chose their own combinations of spices. They weight the ingredients and mixed mince pork with spices. Making patties was a fun activity discovering different textures, taste, smell and learning about job opportunities. We designed our own logo and advertisement for the food we created.

Have you ever experiment with different spices?


Class 6 has been planting vegetables in our class gardens. Our peas are growing beautifully and making our soil better for other plants to grow. Today we harvested radishes. We were able pick 22 new radishes and share with the whole school. We handed them over to our chefs so we all can try them in a salad.

What vegetables do you grow?


Today in art we used our class iPads to begin taking photographs for our work on the ancient Mayans. We took photographs of the school gardens and then used our imaginations to link our photos with Mayan temples and the jungle. We also learned important camera skills.

Writing a Mayan Story?

Today in literacy we continued our stories on an adventure in a Mayan Temple. Making sure that we had apostrophes for possession, subordinate clauses, extended noun phrases, capital letters and full stops.

What adventures have you had?

Exploring local habitat

Today it was a brilliant weather to explore our school habitat. We looked around woodland area and turn each stone and log to find mini beast that we grouped into invertebrates and exoskeletons as well as no skeletons at all. We were very respectful of their homes. We took photographs and analysed in which groups they are going to be classified.


This afternoon we were tasked with planting tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes. We had great fun doing this whilst learning the importance of soil quality, water and light for our crop to yield the tastiest food.

Have you grown tomato’s before?

Mayan Projects

Today we took a look at our projects from over Easter. They were inspired from the Mayan civilisation, who we have been learning about in literacy and history.

Well done to all the children that took their time to make their research and created a magnificent projects.