Shrewsbury biscuits

Class 6 has been cooking Shrewsbury biscuits. We looked at Victorian recipe.

We used rose water and nutmeg as ingredients. Wile we were waiting for the biscuits to be ready, we continued cooking award.

Do you know why the butter needs to be soft?

Sacred places

We have learnt about sacred places and labelled them on a map. We looked at why the places are considered to be places worth a pilgrimage.

What is your sacred place?

Writing a suspense

Class 6 has been writing suspense based on our class author.

Which book do you like to read?

Tasting salamis made by year 6

Today we’ve been visited by Will. He came back with 2 types of salami that year 6 made in October. Salami have been maturing for 3 months and finally were ready. We tasted smoked paprika spice and chilly in them. The children asked questions about the process e.g. We have learnt that the meet was prepared in 25 degrees for 24 hours then matured in 12 degrees for the rest of the time.

When the method of meat preservation was invented?

Brain health

Today class 6 has been learning about 5 pillars of brain health. We draw our pillars and participated in poll we took as a class.

How do you look after your brain health?

Practising melody to Elgar variations.

Class 6 has been learning about Edward Elgar variations. Today we recorded a beast to Elgar’s notes.

What can you say about Elgar’s variations?

Classifying matter

Today, class 6 has been learning about state of matter. We described and classified solids, gases and liquids. We draw particles of solids, liquids and gases and give a real life examples of those.

Do you know what happens to gases when the cold temperature is applied?

Hockey rules

Class 6 has been learning hockey in PE lessons. We all enjoyed working on our 5 pillars of brain health. We identified challenge, exercise, relationship and rest.

Do you know hockey rules?

Rounding numbers

Today, in maths we were learning to round numbers to the nearest multiples of 10, 100, 1000. We used rhyming to help us remember the rule.

Do you know how to round number to the nearest multiple?

Stories by the same author

New tern, new author to explore. Class 6 new author I’d Sylvia Bishop-a mystery novel writer. We looked at her bibliography and learnt some facts about her like however it wasn’t so easy as she is as mysterious as her novels. Our book that we focused on is The severest on the night train- a book packed with adventures, mystery and a bit of crime. Luckily, a young Max is there to solve a mystery whilst travelling across Europe.

Have you ever wanted to solve a mystery?