Today the children in class 6 finished off drawing their landscape and started to paint them using great care when holding the brush, the children made their pictures stand out from everybody else’s.

Have you ever painted a landscape drawing?


Today the children have been learning about the Easter story, how people give things up for lent and the children having some of their own thoughts on what they might give upfront lent. They learnt about iconic days in the Easter timeline such as Palm Sunday and good Friday.

What would you give up for lent?


Today in class 6 the children have been looking at iconic landmarks within Britain, the children used iPads and an atlas to locate the iconic landmark so they could plot it on the correct spot. The children learned about different areas of Britain and about the iconic landmarks.

Do you know where some iconic landmarks are?


Today all of class 6 has progressed through their maths and understanding how to borrow when rounding, all groups then went on to do the inverse operation to find out if they had the correct answer.

Do you know how to borrow when taking away?


Today the children have made bread and butter pudding following a recipe that was used in world war 2. The children got to experience what the people of world war 2 ate and made, they followed the recipe very carefully to ensure the end product was nice.

Have you ever made bread and butter pudding?


Today class 6 did hockey they were learning different skills while playing small matches. The children learnt how to pass and shoot using the correct grip on the hockey stick.

Do you know the correct grip on a hockey stick?


Today the children in class 6 were looking at different types of switches from a pull switch to a dial switch. Some children then went around a part of the school tallying up how many of the switches they could see. The children also had to think of some places where you might find a certain switch, such as a push button on a remote.

What different switches do you have at home?

TimesTables Rock Star Legend

KS2 has began 20 day trial of times tables champion. I am proud to announce, that in the first place, with the time of 1.74 min, is Tom Smith from class 6.

Very well done Tom for beating year 6 record and proudly moving on to the first place of table league securing title of Rock Star Legend.

Who can beat Tom?



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Today some of the children from class 6 got to replant some potatoes as part of our grow, cook and eat programme. The children took great care in the planting making sure the potatoes didn’t get damaged so they can … Continue reading

Growing onions

Today in class 6 the children have looked at the progress of the onions that they planted. The children took good care in making sure they had water to grow and to ensure that they were healthy to be eaten. All children participated in planting and growing the onions to make fresh food for people.

Have you been helping grow food for lots of people?